Used Vehicle that have been an accident, beware

In the past I have inspected several like new cars and they all looked like they were well-maintained and never have been in an accident, the inspection proved otherwise. One must be aware that some used-car dealers will buy cars from auto auction, and some of those vehicles have been wrecked and repaired. These cars may never get reported to the police department and therefore do not show up in the Car Fax or Car Check reports.

With the purchase the customer also purchased an extended warranty. He started to have some electrical issue as well as suspension noises soon after. The dealership told the customer the $2,800.00 warranty he/she purchased did not cover the repairs because the repair was related to an accident that occurred before the vehicle was purchased. The customer was told the vehicle has never been in an accident.

I was asked to do an inspection on it and found several area showing damages that had been repaired indicating the vehicle has been in a major accident.

The vehicle which was purchased for $26,000, the person who purchased the car was given a Car Check report and showed to not have been in any accidents and based on that the car was purchased.

The customer wanted to trade the vehicle in and when the dealership inspected the vehicle the y found past accident damage, the dealership turn down the trade in. According to a new Car Fax report given to the customer during a trade in it appeared the vehicle had been in an accident. I later realized the original Car Check report had been cut and pasted together without the section showing the accident part. Someone sold a vehicle under fraud conditions when they made the true Car Check appear to be something it was not.

Used-car dealers’ salesmen know how to talk to car buyers. An inspection from a Trained Technician should always be done on newer used vehicle when the sale seems to be too good to be true.

A salesman may tell the potential buyer, “Look, I like you and want to help you. Although I am not supposed to do this, but I will drop the price a few more hundred dollars to help you.” This is a hook most people fall into. This $26,000 car should have been sold for $13,000, but like I said he was given a discount because the salesman said he likes him. Remember sales person does not know you any better than you know him or her. Sales persons are trained to make you feel like a true friend when in fact all they want is to sell you the vehicle and get that commission; then it’s good-bye and don’t bother me with any car repairs or complaints you have. The truth was the salesman may not have known about the accident damage but it seemed he robbed the customer. The customer had to file a lawsuit that may drag on for months or possible more before he recovers any money at all.

Upon inspection I removed some trim panels and took photos of the places where the rocker panels were and could see it had been hit and improperly repaired. This vehicle’s actual cash value was around $13,000, about half of what the customer paid for it and far less than the value of a good vehicle that was not wrecked. Not to count the loss of the $2,800.00 warranty that would not be honored by any dealership, the customer loses all the way around. The Lemon Law firms I work with may file what is called a “Fraud” case to help you recover the loss if this happens to you. You need to have all your paper work in order when you file.

I have inspected over 3,500 vehicles and have only had to go to trial on 53 cases. The attorney law firms I work with are the best in the business. A wrecked vehicle is also an unsafe vehicle if it was not properly repaired.

If this vehicle that had another side impact at the same side which was improperly repaired, the people on that side of the vehicle will likely die or get severely hurt. When a side center post or rocker panel is replaced, there are specific places that need to be worked on in order to make the vehicle worthy to be on the road again. When a dealership sells a vehicle that has been in an accident, a statement of fact (disclosure) has to be given to the customer so he or she will know about accident.

My recommendation is: have a professional vehicle inspector inspect the vehicle, to see if the damaged areas have been properly repaired or not. If he or she decides to buy the vehicle the chance of getting it insured is unlikely anyway. A vehicle with frame damage has a value drop of at least 50% no matter who repaired the vehicle and the resale of that same vehicle is unlikely, unless it is to a junk yard. My advice is: don’t buy any vehicle that has had a major accident. Get a report from Car Fax and Car Check as well, because one may not show the vehicle was in an accident and it is likely the other will.

If you need a good Lemon Law attorney or a good Personal Injury attorney go to my web site and you will find several attorneys over 3500 of my customers have used all with great success.

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19 thoughts on “Used Vehicle that have been an accident, beware

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  3. My friend bought a 2004 chevy optra for $ 4, 000.00 the dealer said it was in an accident. He didnt say what for. 42, 000 kms on it.Price seems to be to good what you think


    • When a vehicle has been in an accident the Inherent Diminished Value causes the value to drop as much as 50% depends on what was damaged. On resale or trade in he will lose a lot of money if he can sell it when the time comes.

  4. If you buy a vehicle and the dealer did not tell you the vehicle was in a accident and you found out when you went to trade it.what can u do

      • I live in NY state and recently bought a car from a used car dealer in Florida. At the time of purchase it was stated to me, among other things that it had a “clean” title. The title was NOT provided to me at the time of sale and was mailed two weeks later. Upon receiving the title one of the previous owners was a junk your car company. Also our dealer inspection yielded sub-frame damage and numerous other components haphazardly replaced and some not even hooked up and working because it didn’t even match the car. This car was obviously in a accident.

        What can I do with the used car dealer in Florida if any thing? My plan is to have the sub-frame repaired and have the main frame tested for damage.

        • Fraud was committed is what it sound like. I would contact an attorney in NY and ask if he can do anything if not the law firm of Krohn and Moss I believe has an office there and if any law firm can help you they can. You can find them on the internet under Krohn and Moss Law.
          Good luck,


  5. Me and my wife bought our dream car, a used 2011 Cadillac srx about 5 months ago at a used car dealership. the vehicle looked in perfect conditions so I asked the sales man if the vehicle had any previous accident and he replied no. so I asked for a carfax history report which he did give me one and on the history it never stated any report saying that this vehicle had been in any previous accident. About a week ago my wife tried refinancing the vehicle with another bank, the offer was denied. she asked why and they reply that the vehicle had a previous collision. she asked the bank to verified the vin# to see if their was a mistake. once again they verified and it came up as the vehicle had a previous collision. she asked for that information to be given to her, which they did. what should be my first step now?

    • Hello,
      It sounds like you have been a victim of fraud. It is against the law to sell a vehicle that was in an accident and not disclosed it to the buyer. The car fax is used because by some dealership because sometime it will show a clear title. A Car Check report will likely show the vehicle was in an accident so that document was not disclosed. I have seen this many times used by smaller dealerships.
      You need to get all your documents together and be ready to send then to an attorney, the attorney will go over all your documents and get you ready.
      If you live in Ca, AZ let me know I know the best attorneys these states have to offer. The attorney will not charge you upfront fees and would be paid when he/she settles. I have worked on hundreds of cases with the same problems and the attorneys have a great success rate in winning your case. They will speak to you, just call one, good luck.
      Ca attorney: Todd Friedman 877-206-4741
      AZ Luis Ramirez: 480-414-0313
      Here is the name of two attorneys I work with on a regular bases,


  6. Hello,

    I wanted to know if this applies to cars that you have bought from an auction. I bought a car from the auction about two weeks ago and started having problems as soon as I got home. I have had some minor things fixed and I recently got a full diagnosis on the car and I was told that the car I purchased was in an accident. I asked if the car had been in any accidents before I paid for it and I was told that it had not been. I contacted the auction place about what I had discovered and they told me that the car was sold as is. Is there anything I can do.

    • Yes you can, “As Is” is not a law it is a way to deter people from coming back after they are sold a car or truck.
      Contact Attorney Todd Friedman at 1-877-206-4741, he is the best Ca has to offer.

  7. I bought a 2005 Santa Fe with 128,000 miles from a small used car dealership and was told that it had a clean title and was shown a carfax(which I no longer have) with no accident on it and 2 other owners . 3 months later the car started acting up 11 days after the 3 month warranty I had with the dealer. Now it has been 7 months and the car won’t turn on. When I had someone check it out they told me that the car looks like it has been in a car accident and the person that put it back together didn’t to a great work. Can I get some advice on work to do? I already spoke with the dealer and she told me that I can buy all the pieces and her mechanic can put it all together for me.(FYI the mechanic is her husband). help anyone!!

    • Hi Rose,
      If the car was in an accident and you were not disclosed of that information then that is fraud and yes you can get help, possible all your money or another vehicle back. If you want to you can run a Car Fax or Auto Check and get that information. You will need that if you contact an attorney along with all other doucument you have related to the car.

  8. Hi, I purchased a 2007 Infinity G35x in January 2015. When I purchased it, the dealer told me that the vehicle was never in an accident and he gave me a Carfax report that had detailed service records with no indication of an accident. Last week, in April, I passed by a newer G37 and I wanted to see how much it I could get as a trade in for my car to upgrade to the G37. Long story short, a different dealer from the one that I purchased my vehicle from told me that they did an Autocheck on my car and it had collision repair and I could notice it now. What should or could I do about this? Thanks