Who is Lemon Protection

About the owner of Lemon Protection and how he got started

Jackie Winters started Lemon Protection in 1984 with the purpose of helping people make better decisions when buying cars. He would drive to the buyer's location, do the inspection on the car, and give a brief report for the buyer regarding his findings/recommendations. After several years of doing this type of inspection, he was contacted in 2003 by a law firm that specializes in lemon law cases, to do the inspections and write reports for their clients' vehicles. He eventually became their expert witness. He also got involved in the inspections of their automobile accident cases. On the reports, he showed the diminished value of the vehicles that are in a lemon law case.

In 2011, when he was on the witness stand, the judge looked at his Diminished Value which was used widely then by insurance companies and appraisers, and told him that he would not allow the report to be used in the trial. The judge informed him that the calculation had no foundation in proving the loss of value. Hence, he decided to seek the help of a master mathematician. After working with the mathematician for some time, he came up with Formula JSS and wrote an article entitled "How to use the Formula JSS for Inherent Diminished Value" to which the US Government issued a Certificate of Registration. Now this Formula JSS is incorporated in his Diminished Value Report on vehicles that have been in an accident and repaired.

Jackie Winters is an Expert Witness for vehicular lemon law cases, vehicle fraud cases and an Appraiser for Diminished Value in vehicular accident cases. He has participated in trials numerous times with several hundred depositions, and has never been disqualified or impeached. He is Certified by ASE, Detroit Diesel, Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) Electric, GM Craftsman and Certified by the National Appraisers Institute in Chatsworth, CA in 2011.