How to Use the Ca Lemon Law to Your Advantage

Getting a Replacement Vehicle, All Money paid to the dealership back or Compensation Money back for a Lemon Vehicles. Don’t keep paying for a vehicle that has problems.

Have you ever purchased a New or Used vehicle form a dealership large or small and it turned out to have problems from the start or soon after? Do you feel like you got a Lemon? It’s time to use the lemon law to get help and it is at no cost to you at all.
You may be entitled to a full refund, replacement vehicle or money compensation for you problems. The dealership will always tell you the lemon law does not apply to your vehicle, why?
The reason is the lemon law does apply and you have rights, you can get help and to get back what you have paid in or a free replacement vehicle and or money for compensation.
After you have purchase the vehicle and left the dealership the salesman does not want you to call him or her if your vehicle has problems no matter big or small, they will tell you, you have a warranty and go to the service department.
When you purchase a new or used vehicle remember, the Lemon Law applies to all new or used vehicles purchase from a dealership large or small in several states mainly California, Nevada and Arizona with a warranty.

Step 1) If you had to have a repair or repairs in the first 18mo or 18K miles, three times you may be or are entitled to a full refund or a replacement vehicle if the problem has not been properly diagnosed or repaired or money compensation. This applies to all problems unless it is a safety issue such as the ABS or SRS warning system and that is only two times but the problem has not been fixed and continues.

Step 2) Keep all records and be sure to get a record of your visit no matter how small or what the records writes states each time you go in. If you service department tells you, we will fix it on the drive way and you can be on your way but you get no paper work for proof, do not accept that, you must get paper work for you proof of service attempt, that includes if they only add 1 qt of oil, do not leave without an invoice.

Step 3) Make sure if the complaint is the same as the last visit that the record show the exact same wording. (Example: My A/C has a foul odor or my engine is using oil and this is written two times, now a third repair record with the same issue if it read “Driveability issue” you now have a problem, the wording is not the same as the two times prior and therefore may be excused, yes all because of the wording. The record must state the same as the first two visits ” My A/C has a foul odor or my engine is using oil” this applies to all problems, including an oil consumption issue.

Step 4) Now if you are told the lemon law does not apply but your told, lets us put you into another vehicle and just use the one you have as a trade in, you will lose money. Now you will be paying for the one you just traded in and the new one you now own on as well as more interest payments. Not a good deal for you but a great deal for the dealership.

Step 5) When you are told after a repair it is a good will repair, don’t believe it, there is no such thing because after you leave, the dealership is paid by the factory and that makes it a paying repair.

Step 6) You will need an attorney to enforce the lemon law or you will lose the case and lose money.

Step 7) What are you entitled to when you file a lemon law claim, you may be entitled to a free replacement vehicle, a full refund or money compensation for your problems and all attorney fees.

Step 8) What is covered under the lemon law, anything that happens three or more times unless it is a safety issue as the SRS or ABS warning lights coming on and that is only two times, the engine light coming on is also another problem that may be two or three repairs if it effects smog rules such as Oil Consumption. Rattle, clunks, squeak are also covered under the lemon law and can become a big problem if not properly diagnosed and fixed.

The truth is, it was told to me by an attorney representing the manufactures, they are given $15,000 to settle your case with, that would include your money back and all attorney fees on your side, that number may be higher now.

Here is an example and I have proof of this transaction;
I purchased a 2009 Toyota Tacoma and started to have problems from 4,000 miles. The transmission makes a hard clunk after you stop, the rear end is howling at 52mph and the radio turns off and on when it wants to.
I made complainants to Toyota and they took my truck but after a few days I was called and told to pick another vehicle out of the show room. They gave me another truck a year newer, I now drive a 2010 Toyota Tacoma.
I admit the gas mileage is great but the transmission is clunking after a complete stop and the radio turn on and off when it wants to and the rear end is howling at 52mph, clearly a factory defect.
I was refused any help although I made recording and showed the dealership manager the metal parts that fell out of the rear axle on service but was told Toyota said it is normal. As for the transmission clunk after a stop I was told its normal and the drive shaft is turning but no problem were found, this was an insult to me because I know that was a lie. The radio turning off and on by itself another problem I was told I would have to pay for that inspection although I have a video recording of that event. The problem is Toyota refuses to do anything about it. I have Technician Service Bulletins on the problems I spoke of but I was refused help anyway.
As a lemon law expert it is recommended that I do not file a lemon law claim so I have not. When my truck breaks down on the road side I was told by the dealership, Toyota said they will help me but not until then. My next step will be small claims court with my records for proof.

If you are having problems there is help out there and it is FREE, all you got to do is have clear record of three attempts for the same issue or two times for a safety issue such as the SRSs or ABS warning light is coming on. But remember just because you have call an attorney and got an inspection with a good report, do not stop complaining and keep getting invoices, it will help show you are steel having problems.

Ask yourself why should I keep paying for a vehicle that is in the shop when it suppose to be new, pre-owned and per-certified. Free help is available in getting a full refund or a free replacement vehicle or some money compensation back. I was an expert witness for on Honda case and the person got a free replacement vehicle two years newer at no extra cost. I have seen people get full refunds and have seen people get back money compensation, in fact on women got $3,000 for a seat belt light coming on when all that needed to done was a connector had to be pressed in tighter, because it was loose under her passenger seat. I witnessed that problem and told the dealership how to fix it and they said we are the specialist and don’t take advice from outside mechanics. That was OK because my customer got $3,000 back and she was happy, I plugged the connector in as it should be, and the problem is gone.

I am ASE Certified, GM Certified Craftsmen, Detroit Diesel Certified, Hybrid Trained, Automotive Appraiser and Expert Witness with over 52 trials and 400 depositions and have 35 years of hands on experience in the automotive field. Good luck and any question please leave a comment and I will answer you.

I am not an attorney and do not giving legal advice, this is what I have learned over the last 10 years working with lemon law clients. I am only attempting to inform you of how to help yourself if you purchased a lemon. For more vehicle stories please go to my web site or blog.

Thank you and tell a friend.

Engine Oil Burning

Engine problems, adding oil every 700 to 800 miles?

As a mechanic I will explain why an engine will burn oil and why it should not burn oil as well as what to do if it is burning oil. Do you have to add oil; before it time to change it, if the answer is yes then your engine is burning oil and it is not normal. The reason an engine is burning oil is it has an internal leak at the Piston Rings, the Valve Guides or the Valve Seals.

I have had a lot of customers tell me the engine is using oil and they are told by their dealership it is normal for an engine to burn a quart of oil every 700 to 800 miles and not to worry about it, just add oil or come in and we will add the oil for you.

Please know if an engine is using oil even a quart every 700 to 800 miles then you are creating smog and our laws do not take kindly to that. We have strict smog laws because of oil burning vehicle on the road and it is hurting our environment.

If your engine has to have oil added between oil changes then you will need one of three things done and it will require a complete engine teardown. If the Valves Guides or Valve Seals are leaking oil past then into the Piston Cylinder then the cylinder heads will have to be removed and that is at least a 14 hour job on most engines today. This repair requires the cylinder head to be removed and reworked and new guides and seals installed.

If the Piston Rings are leaking oil then you will have to have the engine torn down all way and the Pistons will have to be removed so new Piston and Rings can be replaced and that cost almost as much as a remanufactured engine (USED BUT REBUILT).

I guarantee you if your vehicle is under warranty and the warranty expire you will be told the engine oil burning will have to be fixed. You may say to the service writer I told you I was burning oil every 700 to 800 miles and you told me not to worry about it. Now I am burning two quarts of oil every 1,000 mile and now you are telling me I need a ring job or possible a new engine, so what’s up with that?

What should you do if your engine is burning oil and you can’t seem to get the help you want, call a lemon law attorney and get a professional lemon law expert? I work with the best in the business and I have seen results for my customers. Some have gotten all their money back or a complete replacement vehicle because of this oil burning and other things that can’t seem to be fixed. Don’t let a service writer tell you well the first quart of oil to get burned is normal, do you remember when you first purchased the vehicle if anyone told you the engine will need oil added every 700 to 800 miles. I don’t think anyone can say they were ever told that until after they paid for the vehicle and then had to go to the shop for an oil light or oil pressure warning coming on.

If you need help let me know or go to my web site, help is there for you and keep in mind most attorneys don’t charge you to take your case and you will come out ahead. My motto is “We Only Inspect – Not Repair” help is her for you, God bless you.