Know what you have or will buy so you can be a happy camper

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Jackie Winters has written several automotive self-help books. He did this in hope to help those who have little understanding of cars, repairs, warranties and lemon law. These books have been written for people who need help when buying, selling, speaking to their mechanic and to know if you have a lemon or have a loss of value on repaired vehicles and what to do.

Over 4,100 inspection reports have been written and used to help settle lemon law, fraud and loss of value claims in and out of court.

Motor Home Pleasure or Nightmare

by Jackie Winters

This book will walk you through a Motor Home, guiding you on what to look for when buying and before you sign. You will see photos of where and what to look for, and if you are diligent in your search, you may be surprised on how many things need to be tightened, installed, or repaired because it is damaged - I guarantee it. This inspection can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of down time. As an inspector of Motor Homes for Lemon Law firms, I have inspected new Motor Homes, Mobil Homes and 5th Wheels, and found things from not being hooked up to things damaged and covered to things hanging loose that could have cause problems. Doors not properly placed and welded during assembly can fall open during travel.

How to Communicate With Your Mechanic

by Jackie Winters

This handbook will help you understand what sounds and symptoms originating from your vehicle mean, and how to explain the problem to your mechanic or service writer when a repair is needed, as well as how the wording has to be written just in case you need to file a lemon law suit.

Identifying a Lemon

by Jackie Winters

Knowing some of the signs of what makes a new or used vehicle a lemon and to know what you can do about it is important. You will learn that documentation is the most important thing you can do. It can help you prove the number of complaints you are having. This book will help you understand when to contact a Lemon Law Attorney for help. Also, this book will help you by teaching you how to protect yourself from the very start when you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle.

How to Inspect a Used Car

by Jackie Winters

This book can guide you in what to look for when inspecting a used car, with clear instruction on how to tell if it is good or bad, helping you understand what the current condition is and what should be done to fix it.