2012 -2015 FORD Focus and Fiesta Transmission Problems


Does your new Ford Focus jerk, shutter, bump and grind from a stop or when up-shifting?


Have you been told by the service department;


  • Can’t Duplicate the Concerns
  • No Problem Found
  • You’re not putting it into gear fully
  • We had to re-program the ECM and you will be OK
  • We had to replace the clutch but it is under a Good Will repair

   After you left the shop everything seem to be OK, several days go by and you notice a slight jerking. You call the dealership and you are told;


  • We will have to re-program the ECM with a newer version so come back in
  • During the service re-program you are told you need to service the transmission, you agree

You pay for the service and leave thinking alright finally they got it and all seem to be well. A few months go by and you notice the transmission seem to be slipping, at times the engine RPM will race up then drop down and it feel like you’re not moving faster when you accelerate or move slowly.

You call the dealership and tell the service person what’s going on and he tells you to come in as soon as you can. You go to the dealership and after two hours you are told the transmission will have to be replaced because something broke and it will be under warranty.

You feel a sigh of relief thinking now with a new transmission I can move on and forget I ever have to see the shop again. You get your car back and several weeks pass and nothing has happened and you decide to take a long trip using the old highway so to see a lot of small towns.

You are driving several hours in stop and go traffic and you have an overnight stay in a small town. The next morning you get up to continue on your happy drive and as you are pulling out of the Motel lot the car starts to jerk and grind and you say what is going on and feel like your heart dropped out of your chest. You call the dealership and they tell you to bring it in as soon as you can but you’re 75 miles away from them.

They say no worries it will just jerk when you’re pulling away or up shifting so be easy on the gas and you will make it. You start out to the dealership and all seem to be well until you come to the next small town. Just your luck at the last stop out-of-town the transmission starts to slip and grind and then it stops moving, you’re 55 miles away from the dealership and you have to call a tow truck. When you get to the dealership you told some fluid leaked out and you must have hit something in the road. You explode and say I had no problems and there were no fluid leaks when I left this morning. and then the next morning it broke, you told me to drive it to you. Finally the service persons come back and say’s OK we will replace the transmission under a Good Will repairs this time but you must pay for the fluids, not wanting to you agree.

What is a FORD Transmission DPS6 what does it mean and how does it work.

DPS6 means:

D —Dry Dual Clutch

P — Power Shift

6 — 6-speed transmission

S — Synchronized

The transmission is two transmissions in one transmission case using several gears and actuator motors for smother shifting characteristics and reliability. This has not proven to be the case with this transmission, it is not very reliable and there are constant complaints of Jerking, Shuttering on pull always, slipping and grinding.

From understanding this transmission it is my opinion the problems lie in the clutch and pressure system. I have repaired many vehicles over the years and from what I am seeing the clutch system is where the problem is. The one thing that makes me think this is the point of the problem is based on the heat and problem that start after the car is hot.

The transmission works off a double clutch system. The front clutch operates the 1st, 3rd, 5th gears and the rear clutch operates the 2nd, 4th, 6th and R gears. The clutch works off the same drive disk which operate like a brake rotor it gets heat from both sides. Heat causes warpage and in turn warps, warpage will cause vibration and slippage on a clutch. Hopeful FORD will see this and fix the problem.

Is there a current repair for this transmission? Not Yet but it is my understanding FORD is working on a repair fix as we speak, maybe they will see my suggestion.

What can you do if you own one of the FORD Focus or Fiesta or have any make of vehicle with a transmission problem?

You can call a good attorney to help you get a refund, replacement vehicle or your money back which should include your down payment as well and attorney fees paid by the other side when he settles.

The California Law provided for this kind of service and you pay no up-front fees, the fee is paid after you settle. Pass it on if you like it, any question please ask.

On the front page of this web site at the bottom, several Lemon law and Personal Injury attorneys I have worked with over the last 14 years, I have had over 5,000 customers use one of these law firms and I trust each one of them.

Thank you and GOD bless you.

Jackie Winters

8 thoughts on “2012 -2015 FORD Focus and Fiesta Transmission Problems

  1. To whom it may concern

    I need some advise..I bought a Ford Fiesta 1.4 ambiente 26300kilos 2013 .. 03.09.2015…I was told by the dealer that the previous owner a guy ,,bought another car,thats why he trade this car in…Than the car start to jerk if i drive more than 100 ..there’s a noise that i don’t know where it comes from. My husband took a walk aroud the car and told me that the car was resprayed..I phoned the previous owner,,,got her details in the service book…only to find out that the same car was in a accident and was written off .

    I phoned and email the dealership and there answer was it can’t be..they will investigate and come back to me…this is now the 4th day and I’m still waiting for
    a reply…Can you please assist urgenlty.

    Your co-operation will be highly appreciated

    • Hi Zelda,
      What state are you in? It sounds like you may have been sold a car that has been an a past crash when a respray is done, repaint is usually done when a car is in an accident. If you were not told of the accident you were sold a car under FRAUD Condition and that is against the law. You are entitled to a full refund or a replacement car, please do not get a Ford replacement unless you want more problems.
      On the jerking side of your complant Ford has a major problem with the transmission, it will have to be replaced but it will not last. I would stay away from the Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus both have the bad transmission and Ford so far can’t fix it.
      My e-mail is lemonprotection@yahoo.com, I know attorneys all over America I work with, let me know where you live and I will find someone to help you. Thank you for contacting me,

      Jackie Winters
      Lemon Protection

  2. I have a 2012 Ford Focus. It is having the transmission problem that everyone else is having. I brought the car in to Ford on 1/12/2015 and was told that they needed to perform a recalibration to the TCM. This seemed to work for a couple of days then the problem was back again and this time worse. I brought the car back in and Ford did a clutch seal and clutch replacement. Now it is 11/9/2015 and the same problem is back again. I just moved to Nevada from California and just don’t know what to do. Dealerships keep telling me that they won’t cover a rental car during repairs and I don’t have the money to pay for one; and without a car I can’t get to work. I keep hearing about class action lawsuits over this same repair issue that Ford is not calling a “recall” yet. HELP, PLEASE!!!!

    • Hi Michael,
      Ford knows this is a problem and re-programming will not fix this and the clutch job is useless. The best attorney I know is Todd Friedman in LA at 877-206-4741. I will look to see if any of the ones I know in LV do lemon law and get back to you soon,


      • I am sorry it has take so long to get back to you, my site would not allow me to return e-amil, it has just been fixed.
        The best attorney I know is Todd Friedman in LA at 877-206-4741