I want to let all you people who buy new and used car or trucks beware of the warranty you pay for. I just read a warranty I thought was not being sole again because of how crooked it is but low and behold people are still getting Ripped Off. This warranty covers the engine, transmission, steering, suspension and brakes as well as the electrical system, sound good. The catch is it only covers thing that don’t usually break. This person who paid $1,850.00 with a $50.00 deduction had an engine oil leak and it cost her $797.00 to fix it, with a 50.00 deduction.

Later she had a thermostat stick a $20.00 part and a $50.00 deduction but it was covered under warranty. A small hose was broken and the manager told her we will cover this as a goodwill gustier, she still paid the $50.00 deduction, so what a $20.00 part and a few minutes of time. By the way a Goodwill repair is not goodwill because they still get paid, it is not a free repair, and someone pays. The repair in total was only $45.00 anyway.

Please do not buy any warranty from any dealership or car lot unless the warranty says it will cover the things I listed above and the SEAL AND GASKETS. When a seal or gasket breaks it can cause internal wear and if that is the case your warranty is no good anyway if the engine has internal wear and it likely will. You will be told well you should have fixed the leak, sorry but it was your fault and we cannot cover it under warranty. This is a real crooked warranty system that is being sold and I pray before you buy be sure to tell the seller to show you the part that states SEALS AND GASKETES are covered or get up and walk away. His word is no good; some of you may have already found that out the hard way. If a salesman attempt to sell you a warranty ask him/her if it covers everything and if it don’t do yourself a favor and just don’t but the vehicle from that dealership or car lot. Think, if they lie to you when you are trying to buy a good vehicle then they will most likely lie to you in the shop when repair are needed.

This poor lady now had a repair that she was told when she purchased the warranty everything will be covered and she had a $70,000.00 plus car. The sales men are not your friends they do not care about you all they want is your money and then it is “Don’t bother me with your car repairs go to the service department”.

I called a service department at a local dealership and spoke with a finance manager and ask about the warranty as if I were going to buy it, he told me everything is covered. I gave him the name of the warranty and he said yes everything is covered with a $50.00 deduction. My only regret is I cannot publish the name of the warranty or the dealerships that do this but I can and will tell you if the warranty don’t state in writing it covers SEALS AND GASKETS then you are getting ripped off if you buy it.
Please BEWARE OF THE WARRANTYS SOLD BY CAR LOTS AND DEALERSHIPS they in most part are rip offs that don’t cover the thing that cause problems most often. Any question please comment and I will get back to you, God bless and be careful. Lemonprotection.com

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GM Craftsman, ASE Certified, Detroit Diesel Certified, Hybrid Toyota, Honda and Ford Training and a Certified Trained Appraiser with over 30 years of hands on experience. I started lemon protection in 1984 and own the TM in the whole United States of America. I have written several books on cars and one about inventions. I have been on TV and Radio several times with consumer reporters. An attorney in Los Vegas NV has just caused State Farm to back down when using my new report and was given 4.5 time the original offer.


  1. The best extended warranty to buy and get will state clearly;
    1) You get a Free loan vehicle when repairs are needed
    2) A Zero Deduction on all repairs when needed
    3) All Seals and Gaskets, electrical system and A/C is covered
    4) And remember all extended warranties are negotiable
    Be sure to see that in writing, in the contract and have your salesman sign with his initials on each part of it, bumper to bumper is NOT good it only cover what does not normally break.
    I recommend the dealership because the other warrantee companies from what I have learned over the years give you problems and will cover less, mostly what don’t normally break. The dealership will work with you but you must be firm, if the sales person won’t work with you walk out and go to another dealership.
    The fact is they would rather sell you a warrantee for less, than to see you walk out with the money you have
    If you do buy a warranty, be sure to ask and see in writing what you get before you sign it or it is useless.
    Example; I was offered an extended warranty on my new truck from the dealership for $2500 and told them that were too much, they lowered it to $1700, I said too much, again I was offered the same full coverage warranty for $1200. I said I am a professional mechanic and if my truck needs repair I’ll do it myself. If you’re not a mechanic then I do recommend you get a warranty for your own safety, you never know you may have got a lemon. Remember if you do your own maintenance be sure to use dealership oil filters only and use the recommended oils and keep all reciepts with the date and miles recorded.
    Keep in mind if you purchase a New or Used vehicle from a dealership the lemon law applies to all with a warranty. You have 18 mo or 18,000 miles to use the lemon law in most states like CA, NV and AZ other states may differ. The lemon law applies to all problems big or small such as A/C foul odors, rattles, oil consumption (no engine should use oil between services) and much more.
    Keep all records and be sure when you get a repair the same words are used for the same problem or you will have a problem if you have to get an attorney for help.
    Example; My A/C has a fould odor (not normal and caused by mold and mildew), if the next repair is for the same but states Drivability problem then it is not the same thing even if they do an A/C repair so be very watchful before you sign the doc.
    My web site also lists several of Ca best attorneys that over 3500 of my customers have used with great success and they will fight for you. The fees are paid by the manufacture when they prevail in your case.
    Good luck and Thank you for viewing my web site. GOD bless to all.

  2. Listen up, people! What he is saying is absolutely true. The SEALS and GASKETs exclusion is a dirty rotten scam that these unscrupulous companies are getting away with. I only wish I had read this column before we got ripped off by a smooth-talking finance guy who told us “anything happens to the engine or transmission in the next 3 years, your Zurich power train warranty will cover it.” Turns out, the warranty company blamed the transmission failure on, you guessed it, the seals and gaskets and denied the claim. What a racket! Buyer beware and insurance commissioners step up and do something about this deceptive business practice.

  3. BMW Canada just robbed me with an extended warranty on their certified series, due to the GASKETS not being covered (you know.. the fine print on contracts). So I ended up overpaying for an used car and with less than 60K kilometers on it, I have been told I have an oil leak and have to pay over 2 thousand dollars for the repair and that it is not covered.
    1) Do not buy from BMW. You expect to have a quality car and instead you get crappy service and when you want to talk, then the service guys get rude and not so polite because you want to find your rights.
    2) Do not buy anything from BMW NEVER. it is way better to go to any American company, instead of paying overpriced products that do not exceed quality and break at 60 thousand kilometers…