Introducing Lemon Protection

Diminished Value Protection Plan

Has your vehicle been vandalized, stolen or in an accident?

If yes, you now have an unperceived money loss called Diminished Value.

You are entitled to Diminished Value Monies when you settle your case that can be thousands of extra dollars.

This service is a pre-accident verification with documentation of the vehicle condition. The documentation can be used in your favor to help you when settling your claim. This report is prepared by a company with over 27 years of experience in inspecting Lemon Law and Accident damaged vehicles and documenting its findings for subsequent litigation if needed.

$$$$$$$     Diminution in Value is Money You Are Entitled to Receive     $$$$$$$

The initial on-site inspection is only $95.00.  For maximum protection you can UPDATE your Diminished Value Protection Plan report every 6 months at a low cost of $45.00.

 If in an accident, a new report will be needed before repairs are made (new fees apply).
 You or your attorney can use the report to recover the loss of value.
 Lemon Protection has expert witness available for a separate fee.