Lemon Protection introduces Diminished Value Protection Plan
Plan Provides Documentation as Proof of Condition Before Loss Occurs

Los Angeles, CA:   Lemon Protection, the leader consumer advocate for defective automobiles, announces the next level of protection for car owners, called the Diminished Value Protection Plan.  The plan is designed to protect the value of a car before being involved in an accident, theft or vandalism to insure the maximum replacement value by an insurance company.

Under the 17C Formula that most insurance companies use to determine the value of a vehicle, the claimant might receive a 10% diminished value. It is possible in some cases that the insurance companies will make the claimant pay for miles driven; thereby reducing that 10% to possibly a 5% value.

“When a vehicle is in an accident or stolen or vandalized; we have proof on file of the vehicle’s condition before the damage occurs,” states President and CEO of Lemon Protection, Jackie Winters.  “This proof can be used to get the full diminution of value when settling the claim.”

According to Winters, the Diminished Value Protection Plan documentation is the proof/support that an attorney will need in getting the full diminished value. The Diminished Value Protection plan is a simple and inexpensive process for car owners. A professional mechanic goes to the home or office of the owner of the vehicle to do a documentation of the condition of the vehicle. Photos are taken, showing the front, rear, sides, interior, exterior, odometer mileage, VIN Tag, the under body as well as all of the tires’ condition. A road test with a computer scan will also be done. “A documentary report will be mailed to the owner with a CD and will also be stored on file in our office,” explains Winters.

Having proof of the condition of a vehicle prior to an accident is important when making a claim with an insurance company. “Being able to prove the condition to an insurance company can make a difference of several thousand dollars when making a claim,” explains Winters.


Jackie Winters is a certified GM Craftsman, ASE, Detroit Diesel and Hybrid trained. He is the owner of "Lemon Protection", a consumer advocate firm that has provided expert witness testimonies in over 49 trial cases.

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