Are you driving a LEMON?

The Lemon Law applies to all New and Used vehicles purchased from a Dealership in CA, NV and AZ

Documentation is the best way to protect yourself.

You may be entitled to a new replacement vehicle or a full refund of the purchase price.

We use Black Book, Kelly, Edmunds, NHTSA and others in obtaining an industry standard Diminished Value of your vehicle. This will give your attorney an edge when settling your claim.

How can Lemon Protection Help You in a Lemon Law case?

We travel to your location in CA or NV and inspect your vehicle.
We witness and verify your vehicle’s concerns with photographs on CD or by video-taping.
We search for Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins related to your vehicle’s complaints.
We prepare a full report of your vehicle’s current and past conditions (repair records required) and provide the diminished value of the vehicle.
We provide you with expert witness testimony in deposition and/or trial.
  Over 3500 vehicle inspection reports for Lemon Law and accidents have been written
  Over 300 depositions with most cases settled soon after
  Over 49 court appearances with a high winning success rate

Lemon Law Vehicle Inspection Fee is only $250.00 per vehicle, anywhere in CA or NV. It includes a full written report with diminished value, using industry standard verification.