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I am making some changes to my web site in hope to focus on Diminished Value for people who have been in an accident and their vehicle have been repaired. This page is to let you know the changes are coming soon, thank you in advance.

I will speak about Diminished Value and why you are entitled to get it even after your vehicle appear to look as it did before the accident. I will have a section of the most common question. I will have a section on what to expect and what we will do together with much more information.

First for your information and you can read this on the internet;                                      The Supreme Court in Atlanta Georgia, ordered the State farm Insurance company Mabry V State Farm to find an appropriate methodology and procedure to find Diminished Value this applied directly to the vehicle that have been in an accident. This has not been done in any way to be fair to any customer in any Diminished Value report written by an agent working for any Insurance Company that I have read so far.

As most Dealership and Used car sales people know. When a vehicle has been in an accident and repaired the value is far less than the value of a vehicle of same make and model with no repair damage history. New car Dealerships do not sell any vehicle with an accident history. They will take accident damage vehicle in trade and then Auction the vehicle off.

Diminished value is a hidden value most people never hear about when they have been in an accident and the vehicle has been repaired back to like condition. Most attorneys don’t go after the loss of value because in most case it on average is around $10,000 so they may be referred to Small Claims Court, this is where we can help.

I will be introducing Diminished Value Reports at a cost of $250. The report will include having an Expert Witness to appear in Small Claim Court and explain the Diminished Value of your vehicle and offer evidence on your behalf in support of the report to the Judge. You will also get a money back Guarantee if you do not win your case you get all of your money back paid my company Lemon Protection.

I have been working with several law firms in CA, NV, WA and AZ over 13 years preparing these reports and think the general public should have the same access to them at a much cheaper cost. I also have several attorney accident attorneys I can refer someone to, I don’t refer any attorney I do not know or trust, and my 34 years of honesty is on the line.

As anyone who has any experience in law would know attorney don’t use things that can’t help them in settling some or all of the cases. The attorneys want something that has a foundation they can show a Jury with a clear explanation of how it works and my reports can do that. I have been told by several Superior Courts my Diminished Value reports would be allowed to be used to show the loss of value and in fact have been used to show a loss of value. I have been on the witness stand 47 times and have had over 600 depositions and have never been impeached and intend to keep it that way.

I am confident when I write a report for a person, I am willing to give them a full report refund if they do not settle for more than the cost of the report I write and I will appear one time in Small Claims Court with my client at no cost to them. Diminished Value report writing will be my main focus of business for my customer. I will also be putting up archive Video records of when I was on the local news with several well know news reporters and news men Ch 9 Russ Nichole, Ch 5 Larry McCormick, Ch 13 Andy Nadell

see them at     https://www.youtube.com/user/1LemonPro

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